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How to Manage Your Mobile Contacts, Messages With PC?

My Phone Explorer I am using this software since many years. It is very useful for Sony Ericsson & Android mobile users. The installation and phone detection is simple and more effective than all...


What is combiner and Partitioner in Hadoop ?

What is combiner in Hadoop and why we need it? As we know number of input splits is equal to number of mappers.Mappers will give the output of key-value pairs for all the input...


What is Reducers and Sqoop in Hadoop?

Reducers Reducers will combine all the key-value pairs output of Mappers. The data which is present between Mappers and Reducers is Intermediate data. (Key-value pairs) In Intermediate data, Values can be duplicate but not...


What is Map Reduce in Hadoop?

Some program like query languages or scripts is used to process the stored data.If client want to process the stored files, Job Tracker will apply the program on HDFS. Job tracker will send request...

HDFS Architecture and Hive in Hadoop 0

HDFS Architecture and Hive in Hadoop

HDFS Architecture When client wants to store a file which has huge data using Hadoop, the following flow occurs: Initially the client will send his file to cluster where Name Node will split the...

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