How to Manage Your Mobile Contacts, Messages With PC?

My Phone Explorer


I am using this software since many years. It is very useful for Sony Ericsson & Android mobile users.

The installation and phone detection is simple and more effective than all other mobile software available by mobile manufacturer.

We can type messages and click send to broadcast the message through my mobile. It allows picking contacts from address book and also creating a favorite list of contacts.

Messages sent from the software are saved in the sent messages folder and synced to the phone at the same time. This is something very simple. We can archive the messages into PC and group them under different custom categories of your choice.

I can export the messages to multiple formats – sms, csv, xml, html etc. This doesn’t happen in any other application by mobile manufacturer suite.

  • Connectivity

    • You can connect your mobile through USB data cable
    • Bluetooth
    • Wifi
  • Call Registry
    • We can group the calls based on month
    • We can view all calls – dialed, missed, answered at any month or after some years
    • You can connect your mobile through data cable, Bluetooth & Wifi
  • Contacts
    • All contacts will synchronized to PC – both on SIM card and the phone memory
    • Syncs seamlessly with Outlook
    • We can get the contacts and messages by using filter options.
  • File Manager
    • It allows to browse the files and folders in the phone and the memory
    • We can install Java apps from this manager on to the phone
  • Others
    • Shows me pie charts of various usage attributes of the phone like memory etc.
  • Organizer
    • Now, this is probably the best feature in the application! The MyPhoneExplorer allows to directly bi-directional sync my phone calendar with GOOGLE calendars. It allows to sync with other mail applications like outlook also. But, synchronizing with Google is not even possible with outlook. So, I would say this is the best feature!
    • It allows to synchronize notes, to-do lists etc…

Feature is that when the phone rings or we make an outgoing call or If messages coming to your mobile while it is connected to the PC, A dialog pops up notification with the incoming/outgoing call details or Messages details a text field of the pop notification.

Click here to download My Phone Explorer Software Its free

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  1. Chris says:

    This is what I was looking for!you just made my life easier.

  1. 15/12/2014

    this is really a nice post.

    I saw this really good post today.

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